Relaxing in Jiyugaoka: Kosoan café by Ken

A satisfying cup of hot matcha!

A satisfying cup of hot matcha!


When working here in Jiyugaoka gets a little unexciting, I always try to explore and find different ways to take a break. Recently, I found this café nearby the school named Kosoan! It’s over by Cattleya street across Peak Performance(Which is under renovation!). Anyways, I spent my morning in this lovely place.


An old lady greeted me “おはようございます !” as I removed my shoes to enter this old looking Japanese house. The atmosphere was homey and I already felt relaxed even before ordering something. I sat by the window and enjoyed the charming garden and quickly ordered a cup of matcha and some sort of Japanese snack.




I pretty much have to say that I would always try to go back here. A little pricey though at around ¥800 on average per person. However, I think my experience here and the peace of mind that this place gives me is well worth it so it’s nice to give this place a visit from time to time.   

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