Easy to


I am |happy |to meet |you.

I am |happy |to eat|yakiniku.

I am |glad |to talk |with you.

I am |pleased |to work |for my company.

I am |sad |to hear |about your news.

I am |curious |to know |more about your company.

You are|welcome |to come |to BMC anytime.

You are|welcome |to visit |me.

He is|good |to go |out with.

He is|slow |to understand.

She is|quick |to understand.

She is|surprised |to see|you.

They are|good |to work|with.

We are|good |to live|with.

He is|slow |to understand.

He is |late |for |his meeting.



Please answer the following questions.

Are you happy to study English?

Are you glad to be in Tokyo?

Are you too tired to go out after work?

Are you glad to come to BMC?

Is your boss fun to drink with?

Is your brother/sister nice to live with?

Is your boss always late for work?

Is it fun to hang out with your friends?

Is it easy to work at your company?

Please translate the following Japanese into English.